Best Mower Blades For Zero Turn Mowers (2023)

The performance and efficiency of your zero-turn mower largely depend on the quality of its blades. Selecting the right mower blades can significantly enhance the health and appearance of your lawn. There are various factors to consider when selecting the best mower blades for zero-turn mowers such as blade size, type, weight, and durability. In … Read more

When Should I Mulch? (And Is There A Best Time To Mulch?)

Mulching goes beyond mere garden beautification. It does much more in our gardens – it keeps our soil cool, retains moisture, and controls weeds. But, an intriguing fact about mulching is that the time you mulch makes a significant difference. The principle I’ve always followed is: mulch in autumn to prepare your garden for those … Read more

What Are Mulching Blades? (And How Do They Work?)

Ever wondered what a mulching blade is and how it is different from standard mower blades? A mulching blade is used in mulch mowers and is a critical component in converting mowed grass into mulch grass clippings. Mulching blades are designed to cut grass blades multiple times. These tiny grass blades are then ejected back … Read more

Why Mulch Kills Weeds (And 4 Effective Mulch Recommendations)

Mulch has numerous benefits for your garden and landscape. It helps to regulate soil temperature, retain moisture, and add essential nutrients as it decomposes over time. Another key benefit of mulch is its ability to prevent weed germination and growth. Mulch can effectively block the sun and smother weeds, making weed germination and growth difficult. … Read more

Mulching Strawberries (And 6 Best Mulches To Use)

Mulch plays a critical part in maintaining a healthy strawberry patch and provides several benefits to your lovely strawberries. In the winter, mulching can protect strawberries from freeze-thaw cycles that can heave them out of the ground, while in the summer, it helps keep the soil cool and moist. But why mulch strawberries in the … Read more

5 Best Electric Tillers (2023)

While not strictly a must-have item, a tiller certainly makes the job of gardening all that easier. Choosing an electric tiller over a gas-powered is an environmentally friendly choice. Electric tillers also tend to be smaller, lightweight, and easier to maintain. Just like gas-powered models, they can also prepare the soil for planting, turn over … Read more

Mulch Vs Compost (The Difference, Pros & Cons)

Many a gardener often become confused when it comes to the difference between compost and mulch. After all, they are both organic materials, and they are both beneficial to the soil, so what’s the difference? The key visual difference is that mulch covers the soil whilst compost is worked into the soil. Mulch Compost Definition … Read more