When Should I Mulch? (And Is There A Best Time To Mulch?)

When Should I Mulch

Mulching goes beyond mere garden beautification. It does much more in our gardens – it keeps our soil cool, retains moisture, and controls weeds. But, an intriguing fact about mulching is that the time you mulch makes a significant difference. The principle I’ve always followed is: mulch in autumn to prepare your garden for those … Read more

Why Mulch Kills Weeds (And 4 Effective Mulch Recommendations)

Why Mulch Kills Weeds

I’ve discovered that mulch isn’t just a garden accessory; it’s a powerhouse in the battle against weeds, keeping your soil healthy and your garden looking pristine. You see, mulch does wonders by regulating soil temperature, retaining moisture, and feeding your soil with nutrients as it breaks down. Another key benefit of mulch is its ability … Read more

Mulching Strawberries (And 6 Best Mulches To Use)

Mulching Strawberries

Mulch plays a critical part in maintaining a healthy strawberry patch and provides several benefits to your lovely strawberries. In the winter, mulching can protect strawberries from freeze-thaw cycles that can heave them out of the ground, while in the summer, it helps keep the soil cool and moist. But why mulch strawberries in the … Read more

How To Mulch Around Trees The Right Way

How To Mulch Around Trees The Right Way

Mulching adds incredible benefits to your garden. It’s a game-changer for soil health and fertility, not to mention its role in keeping the soil moist and managing those tricky temperature changes. But here’s something crucial I learned along the way – if done incorrectly, mulching can actually harm your trees. Yes, you heard that right. … Read more

What Is Mulch Steam? (Will Mulch Catch Fire?!)

Ever noticed steam coming from your mulch? This may be a surprising sight at first, but with a little investigation, we can explain why mulch produces steam. And it has all to do with the decomposition process. So, What Is Actually Happening? Bacteria are responsible for decomposing mulch, specifically, it is the thermophilic bacteria (heat … Read more

Are There Weeds In Your Mulch? Here’s How To Remove Them.

Are There Weeds In Your Mulch Here's How To Remove Them.

So you’ve applied mulch, and despite your best efforts, you see weeds sprouting through! Weeds compete against your other plants for resources – namely water, nutrients, sunlight, and space. If they end up winning this competition, it can spell disaster for your other plants. Some weeds here and there are not really a problem. But … Read more