How To Mulch Around Trees The Right Way

How To Mulch Around Trees The Right Way

Mulching adds incredible benefits to your garden. It’s a game-changer for soil health and fertility, not to mention its role in keeping the soil moist and managing those tricky temperature changes. But here’s something crucial I learned along the way – if done incorrectly, mulching can actually harm your trees. Yes, you heard that right. … Read more

Do Bugs Like Mulch? (Yes, And Here Is How To Fix It)

Mulch has numerous benefits – it can help to retain moisture, reduce weeds, and improve soil quality. Unfortunately, mulch also attracts bugs. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, after all, bugs are a necessary part of the ecosystem. Most mulch-dwelling bugs are either harmless or beneficial, especially when it comes to decomposition and soil … Read more

Why You Should Use Cypress Mulch (And Why You Shouldn’t)

Why You Should Use Cypress Mulch

Step into any garden store, meander down the mulch aisle and I’m almost certain you’ll spot an old friend of mine, cypress mulch. Just like the other organic mulch varieties I love so dearly; cypress mulch doesn’t disappoint. It’s a fantastic soldier in the battle against weeds, a perfect regulator of soil temperature, and it … Read more

Mulching Blades vs High Lift Blades: Which Is Best for Your Lawn?

Mulching Blades vs High Lift Blades

In my years of gardening and lawn care, I’ve come to realize one fundamental truth: the heart of a beautiful lawn isn’t just water and sunlight; it’s also about how you cut the grass. And here’s something you might find surprising- not all mower blades are the same. This little nugget of knowledge has been … Read more