Are There Weeds In Your Mulch? Here’s How To Remove Them.

Are There Weeds In Your Mulch Here's How To Remove Them.

So you’ve applied mulch, and despite your best efforts, you see weeds sprouting through! Weeds compete against your other plants for resources – namely water, nutrients, sunlight, and space. If they end up winning this competition, it can spell disaster for your other plants. Some weeds here and there are not really a problem. But … Read more

Leaves In Your Mulch? Here Are 5 Ways To Remove Them.

Leaves In Your Mulch Here Are 5 Ways To Remove Them

Fallen leaves in your mulch are a common problem that many gardeners face. Not only can leaves take away the aesthetic appeal of mulch, but they can also reduce the effectiveness of mulch as well. So how do we go about removing those pesky leaves? And to add to this, how do we remove those … Read more

How To Keep Mulch From Washing Away (7 Foolproof Methods)


Keeping mulch in place is essential for creating a neat and attractive garden. Mulch not only enriches soil health but also protects plants from extreme weather conditions. But if you’re not careful, it can easily be washed away by heavy rainfall or irrigation systems. The Type Of Mulch Influences Its ‘Floatability’ Factor The type of … Read more