Rubber Mulch vs Wood Mulch? Which One Is Right For You?

Rubber Mulch vs Wood Mulch

When I head to my garden store, I’m always amazed by the variety of mulches available. You’ve got your synthetic options like rock and rubber, but there’s also a whole world of organic choices, such as wood chips, straw and leaves. Now, you might be wondering, “Which one should I pick for my garden?” If … Read more

Rubber Mulch vs. Rock Mulch: What Is The Best Mulch?

Rubber Mulch vs. Rock Mulch What Is The Best Mulch

When it comes to landscaping and gardening, choosing the right type of mulch is essential for promoting healthy plant growth and maintaining a visually appealing outdoor space. Whilst many gardeners will veer towards organic mulches like wood chips and straw due to their nutritional benefits provided by decomposition, other gardeners will go the synthetic or … Read more

Does Rubber Mulch Attract Snakes? The Myth Debunked.

Does Rubber Mulch Attract Snakes The Myth Debunked

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden is a key priority for many gardeners out there. As you know, mulch plays a big role in achieving this objective. It both enhances the visual appeal and provides practical benefits to your garden such as increased moisture retention, weed suppression, and soil temperature regulation. But did you know … Read more

What Is Playground Mulch? (And How It Is Different From Regular Mulch)

Playground Mulch

Have you ever paused to admire the soft, cushiony layer underfoot at children’s playgrounds and wondered what it is? Well, let me share a little secret with you: that’s mulch! But not just any mulch – it’s playground mulch, a special kind designed with a very important purpose in mind: to protect our little ones … Read more