Why Does My Mulch Smell (And Should I Be Worried)?

Why Does Mulch Smell (And Should I Be Worried)

Ever caught yourself wondering why mulch has that unmistakable earthy scent? If you’ve ever had the chance to breathe in the aroma of fresh mulch, you’re familiar with its distinctive ‘mulch smell.’ But sometimes, you might notice an ‘off’ odor. So, should we be worried when our mulch smells a bit funky? Let me break … Read more

Are There Mushrooms In Your Mulch? Here Are 9 Ways To Remove Them.


If you’ve discovered mushrooms peeking through the mulch in your garden, rest assured, you’re not alone. This is a scenario many of us garden enthusiasts encounter and, yes, it can stir up quite the concern. But here’s the thing – there’s no need to fret. I’m here to walk you through some effective strategies to … Read more

Does Cypress Mulch Actually Repel Bugs? (The Truth Revealed)

Does Cypress Mulch Actually Repel Bugs (The Truth Revealed) (1)

As someone deeply rooted in the love for nurturing plants, I understand the pivotal role mulch plays in our gardens. It’s more than just a blanket for the soil; it’s a guardian that shields our beloved plants from the extremities of weather and, interestingly enough, can also play a part in keeping those pesky pests … Read more