What Is Mulch Mowing?

Have you ever wondered why some lawns are always immaculate, with no grass clippings on the ground?

Well, we have the answer for you.

Mulch mowing is a grass-cutting technique that uses a special lawn mower – a mulching mower – to cut grass and deposit the clippings back into the lawn.

So instead of having to collect and dispose of grass clippings once you finish mowing, a mulching mower allows you to skip this step and directly recycle the cut grass back into your lawn.

The recycled grass clippings act as an organic fertilizer and will break down over time to improve the lawn’s soil structure, water retention, and overall health.

How Does A Mulch Mower Work?

A mulch mower has a specially designed blade and deck that is able to finely chop the grass clippings into tiny particles as it cuts your lawn.

These clipping particles are then evenly spread across the lawn, where they will break down and fertilize the soil.

The grass is cut so small that the decomposition process is fairly quick. After using a mulch mower you will barely notice any leftover grass clippings at all.

Mulching mowers also have an additional compartment to collect more robust debris such as twigs and leaves, which can be emptied out periodically once full.

How To Effectively Use Mulch Mowers

Using a mulching mower is not as simple as just buying one and going to town on your lawn.

A well-known system, known as the 2/3 system should be followed.

The name comes from the fact that you are cutting only 1/3 of the grass, and leaving 2/3 of it behind.

Say for example, you want your grass to be no taller than 2 inches. This means you’ll let the grass reach 3″ and then cut 1″ off (which is 1/3 off the grass blade).

As you can see, mulch mowing relies on only trimming the grass, rather than completely cutting it all the way down.

Benefits Of Mulch Mowing

Benefits Of Mulch Mowing

There are several benefits to mulch mowing:

  • Less time and effort are required to maintain your lawn since you will no longer have to collect the grass clippings.
  • You won’t need to spend that much money on traditional fertilizers as the grass clippings act as a natural organic fertilizer.
  • It’s easier to maintain an even height of grass using a mulching mower, since clippings are recycled back into the lawn after cutting.
  • Mulched grass clippings provide additional nutrients to your lawn and improve soil structure.
  • It’s more environmentally friendly since you won’t be wasting your grass clippings.

When Shouldn’t I Mulch Mow?

Mulch mowing is not recommended for all lawns.

For example, if you have a lot of weeds in your grass, mulch mowing can cause them to spread even further.

It’s also not the best idea to mulch mow during times of drought or extreme heat, as this can dry out the soil and make it difficult for new grass seed to grow.

Finally, if you have an overgrown lawn that needs more than just trimming, mulch mowing will not be as effective as traditional mowing.

Assess the condition of your lawn before deciding whether or not to use a mulching mower.

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