What Is A Mulch Plug And Why Should You Use It?

Looking to improve the health and appearance of your garden?

Well, a mulch plug may be the answer.

A mulch plug is a device that attaches to your lawn mower and blocks the entry of grass clippings to the grass bag.

This allows your mower to continually shred the grass and eject it back onto your lawn. The end result is a fine layer of grass clippings that will act as mulch for your lawn.

Therefore; a mulch plug effectively transforms a lawnmower into a mulching mower.

Note: Not all lawnmowers can be converted into mulch mowers. Be sure to check first with your lawnmower manufacturer to see if this can be done. A mulch plug is generally accompanied by a mulching blade that cuts up the grass into smaller clippings.

Why Use A Mulch Plug?

As we mentioned, a mulch plug allows you to reuse grass as mulch for your lawn. This has several benefits:

  • Improved soil health. The decomposition of grass clippings over time releases organic material into the soil which promotes soil and plant health.
  • Enhanced garden appearance. Grass clippings are a great way of adding a natural and consistent look to your lawn. Because of the health benefits of using mulch, you’ll also end up with a more vibrant-looking lawn.
  • Weed control. Most of us are aware that mulch has great weed-suppressing abilities. A layer of grass clippings can block sunlight to dormant weeds and prevent them from growing in the first place.
  • Moisture retention and temperature regulation. Mulch made from grass clippings allows your lawn to keep more moisture by lowering evaporation, and provide insulation from hot temperatures.

Choosing The Right Mulch Plug For Your Lawn Mower

Before purchasing a mulch plug or mulching kit, be sure to consult your mower manual or manufacturer for guidance on selecting the right mulch plug.

The size and shape of the mulch plug need to be considered to ensure a correct fit. Different brands of mowers may require a different-sized mulching plug.

How to Install And Use a Mulch Plug

How to Install And Use a Mulch Plug

Generally speaking, installing a mulch plug involves removing the mower’s grass catcher or side discharge chute, and inserting the mulch plug into the opening.

There is usually a clip or some screws present that allows you to secure the plug to the back of the mower.

It’s An Environmentally Friendly Choice To Use A Mulching Mower

By mulching the grass instead of bagging and disposing of it, you are significantly reducing waste whilst benefiting the health of your lawn.

The clipped grass that is being used as mulch has several environmentally friendly benefits.

Firstly, the increased moisture retention that grass mulch provides means you won’t have to water your lawn as often. On top of this, you also have the benefits of weed suppression which reduces the need to use chemicals and weed killers.

Alternatives To Mulch Plugs

If you want the benefits of using a mulch plug, but you don’t have one, there are some alternatives.

If you have a mulching mower already, then there is no need to purchase a mulch plug. If you don’t have a mulch mower, you can manually spread grass clippings after mowing your lawn. This method is obviously a lot more time-consuming and there is a chance that you won’t be as accurate in distributing the grass clippings evenly.

Another option is to add the grass clippings to a compost bin, and then apply it later to your lawn once it decomposes.

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